Our Monterey Bed and Breakfast Welcomes International Guests


Monterey bed and breakfast

Enjoying Breakfast

One of my favorite parts of the day is breakfast time at the Monterey bed and breakfast. The dining room is an elegant backdrop for the fantastic smells wafting from the kitchen. People are relaxing next to the crackling fireplace and getting to know each other while anticipating the next course to be served!

Conversations are always interesting, and I find it amazing how quickly the guests at our Monterey bed and breakfast find common interests to discuss. Especially noticeable, the other morning I scanned the happy faces at the table, and I realized we were fortunate enough to have five different countries represented over our Orange Blossom French Toast. While I served our ‘French Toast’ creation to the family from Paris (I was relieved when they loved it), I realized that the happy discussion among the guests involved people from France, Germany, Australia, Sweden, and the United States. During that same week, we also hosted folks from England, Ireland, and Brazil! They were talking about all kinds of things: travel, food and wine, education, and sports!

Summer always brings a large number of international travelers to the Monterey Peninsula, and we feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to introduce our international guests, and all of our guests to the fabulous part of the world we live in!