New Additions to the Gardens at our Bed and Breakfast in Monterey!

Monterey Bed and BreakfastWe love our gardens here at ourĀ bed and breakfast in Monterey, and if any of you are gardeners, you can appreciate the challenges of maintaining harmony between resident wildlife, and the flowers, greenery, and vegetables you work so hard to perfect! Our beautiful gardens are very inviting to our guests, and even more so to our resident deer who view it as a veritable smorgasbord of all of their tasty favorites! While the deer and rabbits are quite charming to watch, they seem intent to devour all of your dedication and hard work!

Last week, I have to admit even I was charmed when the doe came into the garden with her two brand new fawns. Perfect little fur balls with huge brown eyes and big white spots! So cute!!! They are welcome additions to our already enchanting gardens as they harmlessly follow their momma around the property, while she eats every rose she can get her teeth on! For now we feel fortunate to witness these darling additions to the property at our bed and breakfast in Monterey!