Now is the Best Time for Whale Watching in Monterey

You can’t do much better than whale watching in Monterey – it’s one of the finest places in the world to go on a whale watching trip—we are one of the only places in the world where you can see whales year-round, and where whales swim so close to the shore.  The Monterey Submarine Canyon is as immense as the Grand Canyon and is located not even a mile off shore.  This allows whales to feed in deep water close to shore, much to the delight of eager whale watchers!

From April through December, whale watchers will see killer whales, fin whales, minke whales, humpbacks, and the mighty blue whales—these are known as the summer whales.  If you go whale watching in the winter months (December through April), you’ll see California Gray Whales and dolphins as they travel from the Bering and Chuckchi seas to Baja California, Mexico.   

Fisherman’s Wharf is a 15 minute walk from our Monterey Inn, and you can choose from any number of whale watching companies—we’re happy to make reservations for you, as well!

Many of the whale watching trips leave around 9:00, so you’ll have to be down on the wharf at about 8:30.  You might be thinking, “Oh, no! I’ll miss the delicious breakfast at the Inn!” Rest assured, though, we would NEVER let you leave empty-handed and hungry.  Let us know the night before that you’re out on the town early the following morning, and we’ll prepare a muffin basket for you—muffins, fruit, trail mix, and biscotti to keep you going strong until lunch!

After a few hours on a whale watching boat, you’ll be windswept and perhaps a little tired—though delighted, we’re sure.  Come back to our Monterey bed and breakfast for a soak in your own two-person Jacuzzi tub or book a massage at our on-site spa.  Relax and rejuvenate before wine and hors d’oeuvres from 4-6, and then take a quick catnap before dinner out on the town. 

Stay with us at the Old Monterey Inn, and you’ll combine adventure and luxury, whale watching and tub-soaking! 

Whale Watching in Monterey CA

Experience the magic of whale watching.

Monterey CA romantic getaway

Relax after your whale watching adventure in a beautiful room.


Enjoy the Art and Culture on the Monterey Peninsula

There is so much to do and see in Monterey—the Aquarium, the 17-Mile Drive, Point Lobos, Fisherman’s Wharf, Cannery Row, and the list goes on.  Behind all of the main attractions, though, is a rich history and cultural heritage that the average tourist often overlooks.  This week, we’ll spotlight the many repertory, community, and youth theatres in the area.  In neighboring Carmel, you’ll find two theatres: The Forest Theater, and Pacific Repertory Theatre. In Pacific Grove, you will find The Performing Arts Center of Pacific Grove.  Right on Monterey’s Fisherman’s Wharf is the New Wharf Theatre.

The Forest Theatre in Carmel has been thrilling audiences since 1910, and it is the oldest outdoor theatre west of the Mississippi River!  They have live theatre performances and live movie screenings in the summer.  Take a cushion, take dinner, and enjoy theatre in the great outdoors in front of a fire pit!

The Pacific Repertory Theatre is also located in the heart of Carmel, and is one of the best professional theatres on the Monterey Peninsula!  It has an intimate 300 seat auditorium and you’re sure to love the performances they put on!

The Performing Arts Center of Pacific Grove was originally built in 1923. Over the years this “art deco” facility has hosted many world renowned artists including Ella Fitzgerald. The Performing Arts Center continues to host performances of the highest caliber and is poised to become one of the true “must plays” in California.

The New Wharf Theatre on Monterey’s Fisherman’s Wharf is community theatre at its finest—you’ll enjoy exuberant and fun-filled performances from Monterey locals.

The Old Monterey Inn is centrally located and will be a relaxing romantic home base from which to explore all that the Monterey Peninsula has to offer.

Arts in Monterey

Performing Arts Center Of Pacific Grove

Arts in Carmel, CA

The Forest Theater in Carmel.

Monterey, CA bed and breakfasts

Your home base: Old Monterey Inn garden patio.


Monterey Tide Pools

Recently, as I was running on the scenic recreation trail along the Monterey Bay over near Pacific Grove, I noticed how many people are meandering along the coast discovering our fabulous Monterey tide pools! Much of the rocky coastline along Monterey Bay is ideal for viewing all kinds of the oceans spectacular spineless creatures! Some of the tide pools near Pacific Grove and Asilomar State Beach are world renowned for tide pooling! As a matter of fact, just a few miles from our Monterey Bed and Breakfast is Point Pinos, known as “The Great Tide Pool”, which happens to be one of the richest tide pool habitats in the world!

tide pools in monterey ca

For those unfamiliar with this fascinating and educational past time, it is the activity of climbing around the rocky shore in the intertidal zone (the parts that are underwater during high tide) and discovering the sea life left behind in the small rock pools and crevices when high tide recedes. You will be amazed how many fish, crustaceans and mollusks thrive in this environment. It is a great (and free!) way to enjoy the ocean and the beautiful coastline! Photographers love the opportunity to capture the images of the vibrantly colored sea life in such a naturally beautiful setting.

A few rules of thumb for your tide pooling adventure:

  • Wear sturdy shoes with good traction for climbing around the wet and slippery rocks. Bare feet are certainly not recommended!
  • Clothing will, of course, depend on the weather, but dressing in layers is suggested. Shorts are a good idea so your cuffs won’t get wet. Try to wear clothing that will dry quickly (you might get a splash or two!)
  • Sun protection is important, sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses to protect from the glare off of the water (not many shade trees in the tide pooling area!)
  • No other equipment is really necessary, though cameras are a great idea, and some dry towels at the car might be nice!

Our Monterey Bay and its coastlines are part of the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary which provides protection for the delicate (and not so delicate) creatures in the sea. While tide pooling is a fantastic way to enjoy these coastlines, please remember to walk carefully (we don’t know who’s under our feet!), touch gently with wet hands if you are so inclined, and please don’t pick up the animals. Also, taking the animals is not permitted, and never turn your back on the waves or ocean!

With the fantastic weather we get on the Monterey Peninsula this time of year, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the beautiful Pacific Ocean’s wildlife. Give us a call, our staff will get you all set up for a great day of tide pooling, picnic basket and all!