Old Monterey Inn: Reviving the Old World Charm on the Monterey Peninsula

Ying Sun bought the Old Monterey Inn in June 2011 and have been improving upon their Inn’s grandeur ever since.  We’d like to share some of the Inn’s improvements with you, and invite you to come enjoy our Monterey Inn in person!

As spring approaches, our acre of gardens erupts into color and thrives underLawrence’s green thumb and creative genius.  We’ve planted hydrangeas, lilacs, roses, rose trees, giant impatiens, camellia, night-blooming jasmine, delphinium, foxglove, and morning glory, just to name a few.  This time of year, the early morning is steeped in fog, shrouding the garden in tranquility and wonder.  The fog lifts in the mid-morning to reveal our Monterey gardens in all of their glory!

This year we put hardwood floors in the sitting room of our Garden Cottage.  Along with a fresh coat of paint and new furniture, the Garden Cottage looks wonderful after its full-body makeover!  You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into an elegant and cozy English cottage, and your view of the gardens right outside the bedroom window will really take your breath away!

Certainly less glamorous than camellia, but important and noticeable all the same, many rooms have received a fresh coat of paint.  Mayfield’s warm yellow, Ashford’s crisp ivory, and Brighstone’s warmer earth tones are all radiant in their freshness.  Our painters painstakingly painted between each shutter and around each doorframe, and their care and artistry is a constant source of pride for us.

Stoneleigh, Chawton, Mayfield, Rookery, and Ashford sitting room have all received new bedding.  Walk into Chawton, and the handmade, tailor-made bedding will give you pause.  If you’ve stayed in one of these rooms over two years ago, come back and enjoy the improvements with us!

For the eco-conscious among us, here’s one for you: we replaced every toilet with a state-of-the-art, designer low flush toilet.  We are going green in style at the Old Monterey Inn!

The list goes on, and will continue to grow in length.  With each passing month, a new treasure finds its way to the Old Monterey Inn.  Find your way here to enjoy all that the Old Monterey Inn has to offer.

Monterey Inn

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