Elkhorn Slough

Sometimes you just want to be outside and one with nature. I can testify to the serenity and an abundance of wildlife you’ll find. Whether you go early in the morning, at sunset or by moonlight, whether you kayak or hike, Elkhorn (pronounced slew) is an outdoor adventure. You can watch sea otters, sea lions, seals, brown pelicans, American avocets, cormorants, egrets, terns, falcons and more in this tidal slough and estuary on the Monterey Bay. The Elkhorn Slough harbors the largest tract of tidal salt marsh in California outside of the San Francisco Bay and provides a habitat for hundreds of species of plants and animals, including more than 340 species of birds (go to www.elkhornslough.org/birdlistTOC.htm for a complete list of birds) and is one of the premier birdwatching sites in the Western United States. Elkhorn Slough is a great place to kayak for the beginner or the experienced. It will give you the opportunity to get a closer look at harbor seals while they’re napping along the mudflats and the sea otters while they float and play right along side your kayak. You can rent kayaks from www.montereybaykayaks.com or www.kayakconnection.com. Both companies have an extensive list of tours guided by naturalists. Just another one of Nature’s extravaganzas offered by the Monterey area!