The Amgen Tour of California Comes to Monterey

The Amgen Tour of California comes to Monterey on May 14th for Stage 4 of the race!  If the Amgen Tour is new to you, it’s a Tour-de-France-esque road race that rides along California’s Central Coast and through more than ten famous coastal towns.   Whether you’re in town to watch the race or participate in it, we’d love to welcome you to the Old Monterey Inn!

This Amgen Tour is near and dear to our hearts because Katy Havlick, the owner, is a seasoned and accomplished downhill and cross country cyclist.  She’s not one to brag, so we’ll do it for her!  She holds a national title in Women’s Expert Downhill, and has placed first in many more nationally recorded races. She was also named to the 2001 United States Master’s World Cup Cross Country Championship Team.  Now she bikes whenever she has a break here at the Inn and cycling remains one of her top passions, in addition to gardening and running.

Because we have an avid cyclist among us here at the Old Monterey Inn, we are excited for the Amgen Tour and excited to welcome you and yours to our Inn for the race in May.  Katy will enjoy talking to you about the race and the rest of us non-cyclists will be in awe of your accomplishments, cook you delicious food, offer you local wines, and make sure that you are comfortable and relaxed (except when you’re biking, of course!).

Call us today to make your reservation!  Happy riding!

Central Coast California Bed and Breakfast Amgen Tour California

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